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  • Galaxy Sorceress (498)
    Hello! it's Noël! This is my personal, blog where I blog about whatever comes to mind: inspiration, philosophies, pop culture, my career, magic and the universe.
  • Global Disaster Watch (462)
    Monitoring natural disasters: climate change, cyclones, drought, earthquakes, flooding, freak waves, hurricanes, landslides, meteor strikes, mystery booms/skyquakes, pandemics, record-breaking disasters, solar flares, space weather, tropical storms, tsunamis, volcanoes, unusual animal behavior, weather extremes, wildfires; disaster archives from 1998-present.

    [Site is updated daily around midnight; throughout the day if big events occur.
    No update on Saturdays.]
  • Hollow Earth Radio (853)
    Seattle DIY online radio station featuring local music, found sound, paranormal encounters, crank calls, dreams, etc! 24 hours a day!
  • Le petit site des schizoïdes ! (467)
    Le petit site des schizoïdes !
    et autres dégénérés (ceux qui ont des TOC, notamment)...

    The small site schizoid!
    and other degenerate (those with OCD, etc.) ...
  • MindCemetery (492)
    Chip rages on all issues paranormal, conspiracy, and oddity. Sometimes funny, sometimes informative, sometimes horrifying! Topics include: UFOs, conspiracies, government conspiracy, paranormal, ghosts, web bots, remote viewing, MUFON, psychics, spirits, demons, vampires, zombies, survival, and so much more that hasn't even come up yet!
  • Mulders World (512)
    The front page of the strange, paranormal and unexplained.
  • Oblivion State (535)
    Oblivion State exists as an online forum to allow like minded individuals to share their experiences of Urban Exploration. We do not condone breaking and entering or other criminal activity and advise all members to read the FAQ articles about the forum and urban exploring in general. All posts are the responsibility of the original poster and all images remain copyright to the original photographer.
  • Papercut Suicide (486)
    A Method Of Self-Annihilation For Procrastinators
  • Paranormal And More For You (454)
    Here you will find out information about all kinds of things Paranormal. If its ghosts , Big Foot , UFO's or Etc You Will Probably Read About It Here
  • Pot Comics: A Stoners Moment (473)
    This is a strongly cannabis related comic site. It is not meant to offend anyone or infringe on their beliefs. It is mostly intended for humour but every once in a while I like to try to educate a little.