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  • She-Who-Hears.Net (314)
    The Reflections of a Recovering Addict
    Experimentation is a vice of mine. Currently, I’m doing the “365 Days of Writing Prompts” e-book, but I write poetry and talk about my experiences here – I’m sort of like two people jammed into one – part of me is your stereotypical nice, shy chick and the other part of me is a balls-to-the-wall (recovering) addict. Sometimes these two fight for dominance, which makes for a good read.
  • Stories From the Belly (273)
    A Blog About the Female Body and Its Appetites
    More than Skin Deep: This blog is an excavation of what lies beneath the surface of the female body and why this matters.
  • The CP Journal (246)
    We started with a simple idea, that no Marine or Soldier should have to deploy without having access to the resources and training that could save his or her life. It is a problem that the guys and girls on the ground are the ones that pay the price for poor training, yet are also the people who have the least amount of control over what they were learning. We saw people who were not able to attend in person training courses, despite having an interest in learning how to identify threats and recognize the nonverbal cues that could be the difference between mission success and failure.
  • The Somewhat Peculiar Story of Mir! (240)
    It is the story of me, Mir, and the strange, wonderful – and sometimes cruel – things that have happened to me. Visit the links below and I will explain more.
  • Through the ORBIS Lens (297)
    Volunteer tales from the Flying Eye Hospital and adventures in saving sight worldwide!