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  • 54songs (738)
    Hello. I’m Tobia Lamare, a 38 years old indie musician, father of a beautiful daughter and happy husband. I have a small records label (Lobello records) and since 1994 I spin records as a DJ and play live all around Italy and Europe.
    54 songs is my new idea, my new musical trip. I am releasing an unreleased song every week for 54 weeks starting from January-27-2014. All songs that I composed and recorded.
  • Amelia Wilcox (90)
    millie pop - Vermont
  • Arsenic The Band (666)
    Arsenic brings you heavy rock to punk rock in a feminine jacket...
    bookings: arsenic-@outlook.com
  • Cover Sharing (603)
    CoverSharing is a website for users to register and share their musical covers and originals songs.
  • CrossFire-Radio (673)
    CrossFire-Radio: has been running since August 15, 2005. Starting off only as a "Hard Rock/Metal" radio then jumping into an all genre radio. Music from Disturbed, Metallica, Rammstein, Toby Keith, Lita Ford, and many many more. Also playing and promoting "Unsigned Bands/Artists" letting the world find out who they are and how good they are.
  • Daniel Johnston (882)
    Daniel Johnston Play List 50 Tunes
  • Forgotten Vinyls (724)
    I started thinking about the idea for this blog whilst volunteering for a society at Leeds Uni – The Union Music Library. The Library holds something like 5000 vinyls that have been collected over 40 or 50 years, which are currently feeling very neglected and quickly gathering dust.

    However you can’t really blame the students for ignoring them when there are also around 3000 CDs to get through. I mean, who even has a record player anymore?

    A few Christmases ago I was given a digital record player, with which I can record LPs directly onto my computer and then convert them into MP3 tracks.
    Pretty jammy, I know. [link]http://forgottenvinyls.wordpress.com/about/[/link]
  • Into the valley of the obscure (625)
    Expand Your Taste In Music
  • James Radcliffe (599)
    My name is James Radcliffe. I am a 100% listener-supported artist. I sing, I write, I play instruments and I make things.

    My music is centered around the ecstatic freedom of the present moment. Around the experience that takes us out of time. When I sing or play, my goal is to get to that state as quickly as possible and then let it express itself thru me.

    I make my music to express a feeling that I can’t express in any other language or medium. I believe this state can be communicated to all who listen and are open to it. I think this state is universal, and is something that unites us all.
  • junk shop juke box (657)
    Here's What the critics are saying:
    "Aside from pornography, stalking ex girlfriends, tv commercials from my youth, and new and interesting ways for me to ignore my family- this blog has to be the best thing on the internets."
    -E.S.U. III