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  • 16 X 16 Pixel Art Tutorial (545)
    Source Site:PhotonStorm.com
    Apparently pixel art is cool once again, and if you are reading this blog, chances are, you like pixel art. As my first actual article on the site, I thought I’d make a little tutorial on how to pixel your own 16*16 sprite, that you can use as a favicon for your website or game. There are many ways to go about pushing pixels, and this is just one of them. Sadly, this tutorial will not teach you how to draw or come up with nice ideas, sorry. Also I will not go into program-specific details, you need to have some basic familiarity with the software you want to use.
  • 1ktris: Tetris in 1024 bytes of JavaScript (633)
    1ktris: Tetris in 1024 bytes of JavaScript

    by Sam Stephenson for JS1K
  • 8088 MPH (476)
    3,615.65952 m/sec
  • A Tech Journey (636)
    A Technical Journey on Computers, Hardware, Software, Gadgets, Tech Guides and Troubleshooting
  • Alvin Alexander (549)
    This website, devdaily.com alvinalexander.com, was created by Alvin J. Alexander way back in 1998. The original plan was to open it up to all sorts of writers, create forums, and all sorts of other things, but alas, other things like economics kicked in. (I had to get a real job, and founded (and then sold) Mission Data.) So these days it's a website where I share various thoughts and write tutorials on technical topics like Java, iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X, Android, and a bunch of other topics.
  • Ask the Forty Pound Head (570)
    Catering to both novices and experts alike, Ask the Forty Pound Head covers a broad spectrum of IT topics. Help, How-to's, tools, and more.
  • Attrition.org (151)
    Attrition.org (http://attrition.org/) is a computer security web site dedicated to the collection, dissemination and distribution of information about the security industry for anyone interested in the subject. They maintain one of the only open and honest grim look at the industry, reminding everyone that we must strive to be better than we have been historically. The crusade to expose industry frauds and inform the public about incorrect information in computer security articles is a primary goal of the site.
  • BizSystems (584)
    CONTENT="BizSystems IT services for business. Perl programing and system administration services,
    wireless building to building and inter-office networking, DNS, e-mail, listserv services plus all maintainence, network planning,
    secure SSL servers, LINUX and enterprise servers, firewalls, and VPN's."
    CONTENT="Perl, wireless, lan, network, dns, email, e-mail, listserve, mail, majordomo,
    system, administration, web, unix, linux, vpn, socks, firewall"
  • Black Viper (528)
    Black Viper | www.blackviper.com
    Have You Tweaked Your OS Lately?
  • Build A 2 BIT Processor from Paper (1,054)
    Build A 2 BIT Processor from Paper