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  • goffer.dyn-o-saur.com (968)
    Welcome to the truly retro gopherspace at goffer.dyn-o-saur.com!
    This server is situated on the planet earth and expanded the
    diminishing gopherspace back in 2006. Enjoy a touch of the past!
    -- Per Foyer a.k.a foy
  • gopher.floodgap.com (981)
    Welcome to Floodgap Systems' official gopher server.
    Floodgap has served the gopher community since 1999
    (formerly gopher.ptloma.edu). ** OVER A DECADE OF SERVICE! **

    Welcome users of gopherproject.org -- we are now maintaining
    that domain as an alias.

    We run Bucktooth 0.2.9 on xinetd as our server system.
    gopher.floodgap.com is an IBM Power 520 Express with a 2-way
    4.2GHz POWER6 CPU and 8GB of RAM, running AIX 6.1 +patches.
    Send gopher@floodgap.com your questions and suggestions.
  • SDF.lonestar.org (937)
    Welcome to the SDF Public Access UNIX System .. est. 1987
    We offer FREE and inexpensive memberships for people interested
    in the UNIX system and internetworking. Personal GOPHERSPACE
    is available to all users as well as hundreds of UNIX utilities,
    games and networking utilities. We are a federally recognized
    non-profit 501(c)7 organization and we are supported entirely
    by donations and membership dues. telnet://sdf.org