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Inay - for us all

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masodo's musings
Inay: motherFrom the exotic shores of the Philippines and Singapore comes a daughter's unabashed tale of heartache and loss. Christine Asuncion has compiled for us entries from her journals, replete with bits and pieces of her soul, to relate what it means to lose the single most important person in your life. Christine shares some experiences and life lessons as she introduces the world to a lady dearly missed by all, despite many of us (until now) never yet having the pleasure to meet.

After becoming a fairly recent reader of Christine's rather copious collection of blog entries I was thrilled to see she had published a book and immediately clicked on over to Amazon to make the purchase. I got the paperback (which I patiently await) and was granted the Kindle version as a reward for purchasing the hard-copy. I wasted no time reading this work and was enormously pleased with Christine's ability to evoke a wide range of emotions from even this crusty old barnacle.

While much of the content of this book has been previously available in blog form it was an extra special treat to have these words arranged and presented as narrative, highlighting the special bond of mother and daughter. This was an enjoyable albeit brief read (but apropos in this respect.) A work that was no doubt cathartic for its author is sure to bring some healing light to all who read it.

The book is available as a free PDF download by visiting
Christine's article entitled "first book."

Inay: mother
by Maria Christine Tankeh Asuncion (Author)

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