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Long Drives & Sunday Mornings

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In The Spotlight

It has been far too long since I put this BlogDogIt Spotlight to work  - well, lo and behold - my internet explorations have struck gold once again!

I am a flake of stardust in this vast universe.On January 2 of this year I first encountered the enchanting blogging voice of Christine Asuncion emanating from her blog entitled "By My Two Feet." In the midst of exploring the content therein, I discovered she had only just posted an article with the heading "parting with bymytwofeet" in which she explained how she had exhausted the space allotted to this free wordpress blog and had to close-up shop. At the conclusion of this goodbye message was a casual mention that she will now be blogging at her new site which she is calling "Christine.ity"
~ Thank Goodness!

Regular explorers of BlogDogIt will recognize Christine.ity from the fact that we have been featuring her site via RSS in the margins of our "masodo's musings" topic area, so as to never miss a post from this self-described "flake of stardust."  Among the many qualities she owns in respect to her blogging persona is the fact that, "I take my playlist seriously" So in true BlogDogIt fashion we encourage you all to join Christine in this regard:

Christine.ity's all golden playlist


 Link to playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYU4MB6l0CvU1iQtPS4bMIUUKa4iKF3lP 

Wouldn't it be nice if someone with marginal hacking skills could somehow convert these youtube videos into mp3 files so those of us with mp3 players could take these tunes out into the world to experience these songs in a more natural habitat? And if only that collection could be downloaded in a group; say in a zip file? That would be very handy. And what if everyone that downloaded this mix would get to know these artist even better and support them in their pursits - that would be totally awesome! #SupportIndieMusic

A Package Deal

Get to know Christine yourself:


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