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Valentines' Day 2017

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masodo's musings

To Dara,

What do you say to a Valentine who's been with you all the way?
Why put the focus on them for just a single day?

How can you show them just how much you are deeply caring?
When is the proper time, your true feelings to be sharing?

Where shall you look to find the words to say what's in your heart?
Who is the one you long for whenever you're apart?

I love you darling wife of mine you know I truly do.
The life we live and love we share this much you know is true.

This day for giving candy, cards, and flowers and such,
Could never match the warmth I feel whenever we do touch.

Through the years this special day has brought us joys and sorrows.
But never once have I lost sight of all of our tomorrows.

The meaning of this special time is more than words can say.
Our life together is heaven sent I love you more each day.

As time goes by and stars go out our love will falter never.
As we carve upon reality the words: Mike + Dara 4 ever.

From Mike (2-14-2017)

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