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Wanna Sniff?I am not sure if it is the BlogDogIt in me or what, but when I discovered that Jerry E. Beuterbaugh had put Grayson (pictured left) to work cataloging websites for SiteHoundSniffs.com I wanted to get sniffed too. A comment/request to Jerry over at As The Crackerhead Crumbles and lickety-split BlogDogIt was included in that directory of websites.

If you have been blogging for any length of time at all you are no doubt familiar with blog directories and hub-sites that list and categorize various websites. What makes SiteHoundSniffs.com unique is that all sites listed are vetted for safety and legitimacy by the Site Hound himself. While many such sites are dynamic, database-driven, "submit-it-yourself" joints, SiteHoundSniffs is a labor of love; a manually compiled list of interesting websites.

Aside from the K-9 references in our site names, BlogDogIt and SiteHoundSniffs have much in common. We both exist to offer suggestions on internet destinations in a format designed to entertain. While BlogDogIt is a bit more random in its approach, SiteHoundSniffs is working to organize and categorize based on country of origin and a wealth of categories that include Arts/Crafts, Beliefs, Birding/Wildlife, Entertainment, Gardening/Plants, Historical, Jewelry, Literary, Pets/Livestock, Photography, Sewing, Sports, Tech, Travel/Adventure, Unusual and Many, Many More! At the time of this writing there were nearly 1800 suggested websites (with no end in sight.)

If you would like to be listed just contact Jerry E. Beuterbaugh and give him permission to reproduce your site's header for even greater exposure. You better believe I will be perusing this directory of "Hound Sniffed" destinations - looking for websites to shine our very own  BlogDogIt Spotlight upon.

Please Visit:

Wanna Sniff?



Here is a window onto SiteHoundSniffs.com showing the "ALL" category.
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