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Panning For Content

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Nugget HunterThere are somewhere in the neighborhood of a bazillion content aggregators and/or click-bait farms. It does not take  a long exploration of those types of sites before you must only conclude they are in it for the money. It's your clicks putting money into their coffers. Quite often you will discover that time spent at such websites only results in a time loss you will never get back; as you seek to learn the facts of a story that may never deliver in any way, shape, manner or form, as suggested by the hyperbola designed to draw you in to a cyber-world likely created by robotic harvesters of all that the internet has to offer (and not in a good way.)

I would never say that there is anything wrong with sharing content found on the internet. In fact, if not for the practice BlogDogIt would feature far fewer posts and be way more boring. The difference between the run of the mill content aggregator and your truly is I only share those things of interest to me, with the sincere hope they will be of interest to you. Those who follow BlogDogIt with any degree of regularity will know this to be true. You will also know that discoveries I share tend to be from off the beaten path (and occasionally, simply off-beat.)

LonelyBlogs.comEver since I shared the LonelyBlogs blog feed community with you I have made it a practice to regularly visit the site - mostly to admire the BlogDogIt link consistently appearing among the "Top promoters" of LonelyBlogs.com (shameless, I know.)

In my many visits to that feed page I have noticed quite a few prolifically posting bloggers - many of which I have started visiting on a somewhat regular basis. Among these there has been one particular blogger that I have actually come to be actively on the lookout for because - without fail - I have found his post to be entertaining, informative, interesting and/or unique. I am referring to the internet explorer Renard Moreau and his "exuberant" blog "The Chronicles Of Renard." Billed as "A Happy Exploration of the Blogosphere" it is easy to see why his approach to blogging strikes a chord with that which I purport to purvey.


A Happy Exploration of the Blogosphere

Renard Moreau


The topic selections on "The Chronicles Of Renard" are as varied as they are voluminous and include Blogging Advice, Technology, Music, News, Entertainment News, Sports News, Photography, Health and much more. Renard's philosophy on content selection tends to favor the "evergreen" which means "The Chronicles Of Renard" is an awesome place to dig for gold. The mere fact that this prolific explorer of the inter-webs has been at it since 2013 means, this my friends is a mother-lode.

It is a Blogger blog platform utilizing Disqus commenting - so it is not your 'old-shoe' wordpress site - but get in there and get involved. If you find something that interest you (which will probably be the result of the first page-load) leave Mr. Renard a comment (he will appreciate that and very likely tell you so.) Tell him BlogDogIt sent you... that's what I'd do anyway.

Why not visit The Chronicles Of Renard today?

UPDATED BLOG URL: https://renardsworld.wordpress.com/








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