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But It's A Humble Big-Head

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So I'm on the internet today... minding my own business... no, I mean literally minding my own business; I Googled the word "BlogDogIt." You know, to see if we're getting famous or anything (mainly just seeing what comes up.)

In the process I was pleased to see a search suggestion for "BlogDogIt Reviews" so I said "sure" - I'll be darned - near the top of the results listing was a link to the BigBitingPigProductions.com website featuring the reviews page for their hit film Frances Stein. And lo and behold I see a pull-quote from my review of the film [See: PJ Has Created A Monster

I am very honored for BlogDogIt to be represented in this manner and sincerely thank Big Biting Pig Productions for including BlogDogIt in their marketing strategy and commemorate the occasion with this giffy little screen grab: 

sure to become the talk of the indie horror circuit!


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