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Starting out Larval

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How To Become A HackerWhile checking-in on How To Become A Hacker  by Eric Steven Raymond  (via the glider link in the footer of this site,) I was pleased to see a new addition to the file as noted in its Revision History:

How To Become A Hacker
Eric Steven Raymond
Revision History
   Revision 1.50 19 July 2015 esr
   Added link to: "
Let's Go Larval".

One visit to "Let's Go Larval" and I could see why ESR found it necessary to update his page on How To Become A Hacker and so - likewise - we shine the BlogDogIt spotlight on this diamond-in-the-rough, upstart hacker. Geeks of every stripe will appreciate the skillz on display by Rebekah Yoder in her blog project which she bills as: "Adventures in programming from a Linux/Mac perspective. Half how-to, half me talking to myself."

Jim the Penguin is an original creation by Rebekah and CC BY-SA licensed - in keeping with the hacker/open-source spirit. Click on that fellow below to enter the larval-stage  as this particular programmer publicly passes through her pupal stage in pursuit of her goal of becoming a developer extraordinaire.

BlogDogIt will be "going larval" and joins Rebekah in inviting you to do the same...

Enjoy! Let's Go Larval Adventures in programming from a Linux/Mac perspective. Half how-to, half me talking to myself.

Creative Commons LicenseJim the Linux Penguin by Rebekah Yoder is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License



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