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Here Goes Nothing...

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Ever since July of 2010 BlogDogIt has been hosted free-of-charge on GoDaddy servers  as part of their "Free hosting with domain purchase" promotion. That service has been discontinued and those servers are being retired. If I do nothing BlogDogIt will simply go away. [smiley:eek]

My first thought was "well, it's been fun but all good things must come to an end..." however, as I looked a little closer I discovered that if I upgraded my paid "Economy Clasic" hosting account (DeBurger.com) to the next tier ("Deluxe") I would be able to host multiple domains from the same account. After careful consideration I have determined that it would be worth the additional $2.00 per month to keep this dream alive...

In order to migrate away from the ill-fated server to the new digs I must first ditch the existing BlogDogIt website lock, stock and barrel (after copying all the files over to DeBurger.com.) It will also be necessary to recreate the databases in their new home as well.

This maneuver is actually nothing new to me and people have paid me to do this for them for longer than BlogDogIt has been around. Still, the thought of killing this site - even in full knowledge of it's ability to be resurrected - causes the heart to beat a bit faster in anticipation of that mad dash to the stated goal.

Good Luck Me...   

So... if this site goes away in the near future it will
be back (
or my name is not
Philo T. Farnsworth!)

UPDATE: BlogDogIt.com has been successfully migrated to its new server home. In all, the website was missing for approx. 20 minutes... not too shabby [smiley:thumbup]

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