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Too Uncomfortable for Comfort

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The NeighborhoodI really have to admire the skill with which Kendall F. Person (publicblogger.com) adds excitement to an already exciting event. By directing each of the artist competing in the perennial best of the web show (known this year by the cosmic/magical title "A Star Is Born") to submit performances for round three in genre that fall outside of the artist's admitted comfort zone, Kendall has leveled the playing field and delivered to fans of the show a deeply entertaining gimps into the minds of the contestants. Add to that, the fact that for this show a "Panel of Judges" was assembled as a further means to thwart anyone's assumptions regarding the outcome for week three of the competition.

Kendall PeaceI was approached by Kendall via a pre-existing social media connection we share and asked if I would consider joining the panel; a task I readily accepted and one I would almost immediately regret having accepted.

Now don't get me wrong, I am a long time fan of The Neighborhood at ThePublicBlogger.com and am always happy to contribute to the content in terms of comments and discussion but little did I realize that in addition to steering the artists outside of their comfort zone he had every intention of putting this judge right alongside the competitors - a front row seat you might say - too close for comfort...

In addition to finding myself in the "Lead" position of the four member panel of judges, I was also informed - as-a-matter-of-factly - that I would be required to record a brief audio or video statement to the competitors and submit that along with the results of our voting process. I accepted this caveat outwardly with humility and resignation while internally I was coming to terms with the fact that in so doing I too would be required to step outside of my creativity comfort zone. Positively brilliant!

InfinitelyRemoteIt should be of no surprise that I am more in my element with words that are considered and then written and would always prefer to remain behind the camera than to venture onto its shinier side. The video I dutifully submitted required my spoken word and myself on camera as "me" and to share that self with the world. Adding to the pressures of stepping-out from behind that curtain of mystery which webmaster wizardry provides, loomed a deadline that gave only 14 hours to judge the performances and create the video and - oh yes - sleep.

You probably will not be able to tell from this presentation but trust me when I say, this is some of the greatest fun I have had blogging in quite some time. I would never have thought that that blogging efforts would impart to me feelings akin to those felt on that fateful day when I stepped backward off a 60 foot cliff to experience the thrill of rappelling for the first time. But it has, and I have Kendall F. Person to thank for the assignment. I can honestly say I have a new appreciation for what those performers that now find themselves competing in the spotlight of "A Star Is Born" must be feeling.

Not that I am destined to enter the Vlogosphere or anything, but I do hope you Enjoy!

 The Video: https://youtu.be/0Aag2AIcUhs

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