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A GIFed Mad Scientist!

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Big Biting Pig ProductionsBig Biting Pig is set to premier their latest annual horror flick this weekend. And if the trailers are any  indication, it looks like we are all in for a shockingly good time...

Big Biting Pig ProductionsThe film is called "Frances Stein" and (as you can well imagine) it promises to put a feminine spin on a familiar genre. For a look at the official trailers, a peek at the official synopsis, to order the DVD and/or view the streaming video you should visit The Big Biting Pig Productions "Frances Stein" Movie page. While you are there explore the site for many fright inducing opportunities for fun.   

Followers of BlogDogIt will remember that I created animated GIF files for each of the BBPP releases to date (shortly after the release of last year's monster hit "The Caretakers.") In case you missed them, be sure to check out "The Complete BBPP GIFs Collection" for my tribute to the Big Biting Pig Horror Collection.

Continuing in that tradition, I present the following GIF creations built with frames extracted from the official trailers - These are offered in the spirit of "fan-art" and in no way are these efforts endorsed by PJ Woodside, Steve Hudgens, or Pig Biting Pig Productions (but I hope they like them.)









Frances Stein

Maintain Composure...

"Frances Stein" (2015) - Big Biting Pig Productions




Frances Stein


"Frances Stein" (2015) - Big Biting Pig Productions









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