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I Am Travis Just Uploaded A Video

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I Am TravisThis is a Class Project for VP172 at Southern Oregon University. Directed by Travis Wheat.

I happened upon the Travster1000 YouTube Channel several years ago and even featured his video titled "Nahalem Bay Adventure" here on BlogDogIt (it has since been set to private.[smiley::(]) Although it was basically a "home movie," it exhibited all indications of having been created by a budding cinematographer and was edited to a tee. "This kid," I thought, "is on the right track."

Thanks to ability to subscribe to channels on YouTube I received the notification today that  I Am Travis was back at it...

The video featured here is a fun bit of "hamming" that ultimately proves to provide the viewer a reasonable comedic "lift" and no shortage of entertainment value. Just remember this is a class project and enjoy it for all it's worth...

The Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGDh8vk4iwo

The Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Travster1000/

Producer: Jose Espinoza

Director: Travis Wheat

Switcher: Travis Wheat

Kenneth Morales
Nathan Torres-Walker
Travis Wheat

Floor Manager: Jose Esponoza

William Babishoff
Hutu Spencer
Nathan Torres-Walker
Kenneth Morales
Madison Robinson
Presley Lambert

Editor: Travis Wheat

Camera Operators:
Rayvan Vares
DeAnthony White
Christian Nava
Presley Lambert

Adam Hill
Christian Nava
DeAnthony White

Kenneth Morales
Travis Wheat

Set & Props:
Entire VP172 Class

Simple Minds - Don't You
T Wayne - Nasty Freestyle

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