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A Movie Like This...

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A Wedding Like ThatA Wedding Like That

A Wedding Like That

(I originally wrote this review for submission to IMDB -
of course I am happiest to share it here...)

There is little secret regarding the subject of this film. I mean, when the title screen displays dual female symbols beneath the words "A Wedding Like That" you know going in that you are about to be a guest at a same-sex wedding.

I am learning my lesson about overly investigating a film before watching it; I am convinced that many reviewers and synopsis writers seek only to spoil a film in an effort to prove they actually saw it. I truly came to this viewing with no preconceived notions. So let me just tell you I did indeed watch it and I can honestly say my outlook on life is the better for it.

What I fully expected to be a glorification of the homosexual lifestyle turned out to be a heartwarming tale of family love and fatherly obliviousness. As a father myself I was easily drawn to the situational drama and found myself relating on many levels to the fathers of both brides in ways that felt a bit too awkward for comfort. I could however, take comfort in the underlying themes of love and support among caring family and close friends.

What I did not expect was the comedy... I confess that I found myself laughing quite a bit. And not a nervous sort of laughter but a genuine laughter born of witty writing and crafty timing. The entire script was well written in fact. These folks did in forty-two minutes what Hollywood would feel compelled to keep us for ninety minutes only to deliver half the entertainment.

Mark Dessauer and Cindy Maples are a match made in heaven in their portrayal of Sam and Tami Kessler; loving parents ready to face anything or anybody who stands in the way of their family ideal. Tod Reynolds and Gracie Strange are a force to be reckoned with in the roles of "proper" parents Oliver and Debra Dixon who - as it happens - find themselves as the Father and Mother of the Bride too. Laura Kessler and Joan Dixon (enchantingly portrayed by Megan Hunt and Roni Jonah) are the soon to be wed couple. Could it be happening too soon? or perhaps not soon enough?

What could have very easily gone politically active or morally preachy instead stays out of our faces and ultimately plants a tear in the eye of those with a soft spot for love and hope in the triumph of family togetherness. A brilliant work of art in all aspects of production. With Neil Kellen at the camera you would expect a feast for the eyes and that it is. Directors, Neil Kellen and Lewis D. Chaney should start clearing out a spot on the trophy shelf because this has "award-winning" written all over it.

Would I recommend this film? I would go one step farther and say don't you dare miss it. A great achievement by everyone involved.

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