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It's on bitches. Literally.

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The Dog House ShowYou know me... I take a look at the tweets every day if I can; sometimes only to discover I have been followed by some mega-conglomerate that I just know really cares about what is going on in my life right up to the point where "I ain't buying it..."

Today I learn that I picked up a new Twitter follower (#85 woo-hoo!!) four days ago (ok, so maybe I don't check it every day - see more proof I do stuff...) Now I ask you, how could I not investigate a follower by the name of "The Dog House Show" or @doghouseshow (to be precise?)

What I find is the Twitter presence of a YouTube channel featuring a fresh animated web series called (ironically enough) "The Dog House Show." Here are the words from the "About" page on that site:

A show about Kole Kardashian, yet another brother of that infamous family, and his lady dogs- Rachel and Martica. This hilarious web series will take you on a ride with the funny shenanigans of this crazy trio.

So get in on the ground-floor with Webisode Numero Uno from this all-new, gotta-subscribe-to channel: The DogHouse Show


The Links:


The Cast:

Kole Kardashian,  Rachel and Martica.

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