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The Finding Time

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masodo's musings

It’s Time To FindAs anyone who follows BlogDogIt on a regular basis will tell you, I really enjoy exploring the internet looking for the rare, obscure or otherwise under-appreciated. Many of my posts therefore tend to be highlighting interesting finds. Lately however, my expendable online efforts have been focused more around finding time - or more specifically


The Finding Time is a new adventure that my wife and I are embarking upon in the form of an online shop that is seeking to offer many rare obscure or otherwise under-appreciated items for sale - primarily to the continental United States but eventually worldwide (once we sort out the whole shipping labyrinth.)

TheFindingTime.com is still under construction but is actually a functional store. You are invited to stop by and have a look around but be sure to check back frequently because many items are yet to be added and many descriptions are yet to be written. In fact the writing of those descriptions will likely be satisfying my creative writing needs for awhile so if my activity here on BlogDogIt diminishes you can be assured that is only because the effort is being directed toward The Finding Time. You can think of the new website as my new Blog where you can actually purchase the subject matter.

As a special introductory offer to followers of BlogDogIt.com the following coupon code will allow you take 10% off your first order from
The Finding Time.

Use Redemption Code: BlogDogItFan at checkout time.

Expires March 1, 2016
Good only in the USA (sorry international friends - I will give one to you as soon as I can)
Offer may only be used one time per customer.

Also - Be sure to keep an eye out for TheFindingTime on Etsy and Ebay too!

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