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Esperienza "Sun, Sea, Wind"

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Esperienza SaraSole, Mare, Vento (artworks by Sara Quida)

Having been a YouTube subscriber of Rudolf Dierckx for a couple of years now I have come to expect a gourmet feast for the eyes (and ears) in the form of his own brand of artwork set to life as animated slide presentations that have emoting power that simply must be experienced to be understood.

Rudolf's latest presentation explores the artwork of the uniquely talented artist Sara Quida. Together these two remarkable talents will take you into a world of Sun, Sea and Wind that - set to the ethereal sounds of  Karunesh - offer to the viewer that magical power of art to touch the soul. A mighty fine use of the internet if you ask me... [smiley:;)]


Artworks : Sara Quida (Italy)
Edition : Rudolf Dierckx (the Netherlands)
Music : Karunesh "Journey of my heart"








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