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Doing Something About It...

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The BlogDogIt spotlight shines today into my own corner of the world. I have recently undertaken to update and manage the website of Mt. Zion General Baptist Church (my "church home" since the days of my youth.) It is a Wordpress website so I finally get a chance to see what all my cyber friends are always on about [smiley::D]

As anyone who has followed the BlogDogIt Spotlight Series will tell you - I would not draw your attention to a site that I did not think you would all enjoy. This one is no different.

The featured post encourages members to invite someone to Church - I would like to officially invite anyone in the world-wide audience of BlogDogIt.com to "Come to Church" (even if only virtually...)

So don't be shy; listen to the featured "podcast" - the very one that prompted me to create this post - or browse the sermon audio archives (linked below.) Get to know Pastor Mike - this guy is awesome! [smiley:thumbup]

 Mt Zion Indy - Building Relationships That Lead to Jesus

Pastor Michael Stephens    Enlightening and Entertaining, Pastor Mike Stephens delivers insightful and edifying messages that motivate, educate and inspire on a variety of topics important to the Christian and Pre-Christian alike. [smiley:;)]

Mount Zion General Baptist Church

    Have you ever invited someone you know to church? If not, why not? Did you know that most people, if asked, would go to church with you? Most likely, someone asked you, so why not “pay it forward” and ask someone else? Pastor Mike discusses this and many other ideas in this weeks sermon called,

"Do Something About It!"

Download the mp3


Mt Zion Sermon Audio ArchiveA Podcast With A Purpose -  Please browse our burgeoning Audio Archive featuring sermons preached by Pastor Michael Stephens, Pastor Billy Davidson and even the occasional guest speaker. Listen to one, listen to all. Free to download and share or enjoy with our handy on-site player! (Click Link on Right)


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