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Dog Feels Strong Need To Point Out Humans While On Walks

Who's a Good Dog?
Local canine Nellie Meyers

Syracuse, NY – As we go throughout our day-to-day business, there are constant distractions that tend to pull us away from whatever is in our dish. Local canine Nellie Meyers, a self-defined “person dog,” is dealing with a problem that tends to take her off the beaten walking route. Just two years old, Nellie has found that she’s had these strong urges since puppyhood. “I’ll be walking down the street, occasionally eating my own business, when I see a human and just can’t help but smile and want to touch it!” the chocolate lab exclaims, staring out the window and contemplating whether or not her tail is part of her, or if she is part of her tail. Nellie has found that she goes so far as attempting to touch the human if allowed and even considering getting a person like that for herself once she has a job and her own place. “My partner is allergic to humans so it’s unlikely I will ever be able to keep one. I guess I’ll have to settle for these brief encounters on the street,” states the pooch, who hopes to one day discover if it is she who really is a good dog.


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