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Rockin' 4 God - Banner Installation

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masodo's musings

Rockin' 4 God 2014

Have you ever had to install a two-sided banner outside, suspended between two posts? I had installed plenty of banners between already existing posts but this time required that I bring my own. The location is a high-traffic, wide open area that is subjected to some rather strong winds on occasion, so I was hoping to come up with something that might stand the test of the elements. Through strategic placement of scalloped vent holes, my own unique take on  bungee cord shock absorbers and rope work worthy of a former Boy Scout, I do believe this one has a fighting chance - Good Lord willing.

The following video slide presentation represents my first utilization of the YouTube Slideshow Creator. I was very pleased with its ease of use, wide selection of freely available music and fancy effects applied automatically.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then here is a book on how I hung this banner. Insert disclaimer about "don't take my word for it" here. [smiley:;)]

Visit: http://MtZionIndy.org

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