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In The Spotlight [Bluefish Way]

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In The Spotlight
Bluefish Way


Meet Ralph

I am a single 67 year old Englishman living in the mountains of Southern Spain for 10 years. I have an apartment with great views of the mountains near a river overlooking fields with different animals and birds. I have 2 rescued cats. I try to have fun with my blog http://bluefishway.com/ . I must get a life ! lol

The following is excerpted from the Bluefish Way post:
Happy 2nd Anniversary !!



Living, as I do, in a quiet rural village in the mountains of southern Spain NOTHING should be happening. A goat escaping on the road should be the highlight of my blog. But, quite the opposite has happened. I am on my 196th post, have 989 followers, we have made 12,981 comments, but most of all we have had fun, haven’t we ?

I have had bloggers Ute and Manny visit me.  I had a great time in Israel with  Heila and live close to my friend  David. On top of that I have made so many blogging friends throughout the world. Yes, you !

It’s been a wonderful two years. Where I get the ideas from for posts ? I usually don’t have a clue except when something personal happens. Sometimes traumatic, such as a lumbar puncture turned into fun when I opened my pain clenched eyes and found myself staring at the polka dots of a nurse’s knickers six inches from my face.

Most of all, I love to comment, we love to comment. I try to have fun with you and most of you are game for a laugh even though some of you are in extreme pain and are going through or have been through extreme traumas. I like to visit your blogs, some fantastic, some mediocre, but you are brave enough have a go in getting your skill or point of view online so I can read about your expertise or thoughts. Well done !

Thank you for 2 years of friendship and fun my friends [smiley:<3]


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Visit Bluefish Way Today

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