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BlogDogItly Social

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BlogDogIt on Facebook

BlogDogItly Social

Now I went and did it...

I started a BlogDogIt page on Facebook but that's not the half of it. I modified the code here on BlogDogIt to allow for the posting of any article created here to the new FB Page. (Special thanks to suprsidr for the Post to Facebook Code presented openly on Geeklog.net. After some minor modifications I have a reliable way to feed content to the BlogDogIt facebook community.

This comes hot on the heels of starting my Twitter presence and gets me one more brick in my "Social Media" wall of linky-buttons. So now with a nice round number of social club memberships I figured it was high time I created that show of media links the kids these days are so keen on. That explains the newly added feature block named "BlogDogItly Social".

Featuring the following hip locations:
(each exhibiting various degrees of participatory readiness.)

If you are involved with any of these other services
you are invited to follow me there as well.

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