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BlogDogIt now to give a tweet.

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@BlogDogIt #myfirstTweet It is not too late...

BlogDogIt Tweeter Bird

Once upon a time I had a twitter account but just let it go because it seemed all but worthless. I felt most of the 'twits' posts were eminating from the end opposite of the birds tweet producer.

I have very little interest in what anybody (other that myself obviously) is having at mealtime and care even less to be interrupted (during any activity) by the latest memes. However, it is becoming obvious that a great many people are using Twitter as a sensible way to stay up-to-date on a great many aspects of a dynamic internet. It looks as though this may actually prove to be a useful tool for one who "Blogs It" (albeit While Doggin' It.)

As you may be able to see in the image above, I am Following 4 and have 3 Followers, even though at this point "@BlogDogIt hasn't tweeted yet." I owe it to those 3 (and any future Tweetees that I am likely to acquire) to use this newly instituted means of communication in a responsable manner. I sincerely intend to use this service for good and hope this Twitter account will facilitate furthering the goals (stated and otherwise) of BlogDogIt.com.

So I hereby officially invite you to "Follow BlogDogIt on Twitter" and would appreciate your support as I give this thing another "Go."

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