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The Complete BBPP GIFs Collection

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masodo's musings

The Complete Big Biting Pig Production CollectionWell now, that was fun [smiley::D] . . .

If you have been following this blog during the last few days you have surely noticed I have been spamming (or should I say "hamming") up the place with my ongoing project to create sets of animated GIF image files for each of the 8 Big Biting Pig Productions movies.

This post is now presented as a "table of contents" for those articles. The image map below will allow you to go directly to the GIF set for the show of your choice. I hope you take the time to visit each of them...

Click the DVD Cover Above to See That Movies' GIF Set

This was actually a very enjoyable exercise in film editing (albeit on a micro scale.) It is my hope that these images will serve to promote the hard work done by all those associated with Big Biting Pig Productions. I encourage you to get to know these people and their projects This is independent film making at it's finest (and funnest!) [smiley:;)]

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