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The Caretakers - Indy World Premeire Event

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Big Biting Pig Productions Logo (With Fangs)Thanks to everyone that attended the super-exclusive Indianapolis Edition of the Big Biting Pig Productions - "The Caretakers" World Premiere Event. The movie was well received by all in attendance and a great time was certainly enjoyed. I regret that we were unable to make the drive to Madisonville, Kentucky for the official event and I would like to formally thank Steve Hudgins and Pj Woodside for their kindness and support in helping me realize my goal of joining the piglets' celebration in absentia.

Congratulations to Steve, PJ, Felicia and the entire cast and crew
of "The Caretakers" for a job well done.

The Caretakers - Indy World Premeire Event

Photo-Montage by DeBurger Photo Image & Design
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