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Deep Six for IE6

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SaveIE6 I am probably one of the greatest proponents for using outdated technologies for all they are worth, but when it comes to Internet Explorer Version 6 there is precious little reason to imagine anybody in their right mind choosing to use that browser.

According to the Internet Explorer 6 page at Wikipedia

IE6 SP1 is the last version of Internet Explorer available for Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows Me, and Windows 2000. Internet Explorer 6 was superseded by Internet Explorer 7 in October 2006.

I have been noticing in the log files that an inordinate number of hack-attacks are coming from systems that are reporting themselves to be using "MSIE 6" so as of now that browser is being actively blocked by the BlogDogIt firewall; it is no longer welcome. I have a feeling that I will get no complaints and will save much bandwidth for all you cool-cats to use.

Internet Explorer 6 not allowedNow don't get me wrong, if you have Windows 98SE and you want to take your chances on the internet go right ahead but why not use LYNX Browser or even OPERA has something you can use.

To paraphrase The Oak Ridge Boys - "You don't have to change browsers but you can't browse here."* And believe me when I say, if I'm driving a nail in the coffin of IE6 then you can start diggin' the hole 'cuz this thing is deader'n a door nail.

*"You dont have to go home (but you can't stay here.)"

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