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Pin-Up Girl Realized

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masodo's musings

A potential Pin-Up GalleryWhile admiring a lovely "Pin-Up Girl" image at the occasional Pin-Up Gallery (a.k.a. Service Station, Machine Shop, Warehouse, etc...) one is often compelled by nature to imagine this idealized form as though it is representing a real, live, flesh-and-blood lady. Well gentlemen, dream no more; as we pull back the veil of paint and canvas to reveal the girls behind the glamor.

Behind The Project:
While loitering around the website here I noticed in the Reddit Feed (available only to logged-in members) the headline "Before Photoshop, there was pinup art." I was not exactly sure how to take that so I clicked the link to investigate. What I found was a JPG image file 720px X 9,779px containing 20 pairs of images showing Pin-Up paintings next to the actual working photographs that were used as the artist's guide.

This to me was an incredible find and since I am all about sharing incredible internet discoveries I just knew somewhere in that collection of images was a post just waiting to happen. It occurred to me that the source photograph was so close to the finished artwork that it would be so cool to have one dissolve into the other. That is exactly what I did; as exhibited in the slide presentation below.


Pin-Up Gallery

 Click On The Image For The Source Pair

Note: If you are not seeing a smooth transition between slides click "Restart Presentation"

BlogDogIt Note: A closer inspection of many of these photos has revealed a "Nylon.net" watermark. I visited that site and have discovered that these images are of the one-and-only "Sabrina" (Norma Ann Sykes), "the impossibly-proportioned darling of Britain." Nylon.net maintains the The Encyclopaedia Sabrina - The Authoritative Reference for All Things Sabrina. So in keeping with that sites "Terms of Use Agreement" I am happy to be able to link back to them so that you might further educate yourself about Sabrina:


The Encyclopaedia Sabrina - The Authoritative Reference for All Things Sabrina


"Phillips 66" Image Source:



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