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Spotlight[Health]: Project PUT

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PROJECT PUT: PICK UP TRASH (and put it where it belongs in the recycle or a designated trash receptacle)

Project PUT: Pick Up Trash (and put it where it belongs,)
a movement begins


Project PUT Founder Eloise GI’m Emily G.  my daughter is Eloise G.  We were appalled by the litter in our community and we decided to do a little something about it.  We found littered plastic bags and filled them with trash we found while walking around.  We put recyclable items in the city’s recycle containers and the trash in the trash cans.  It was simple and easy.  Doing this little thing made the city look better and all sorts of people noticed.

You can do this, too, and make your community a better place to live.

PLEASE don’t litter.

If you see trash where it should not be and you are able to pick it up and PUT it where it belongs (recycle or a designated trash receptacle), please do.  This simple act of caring and responsibility will make your community a nicer place to be.

Visit Source Site: http://projectput.wordpress.com/


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