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Looking Back At The Hindenburg [PubDom Cinema]

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PubDom Media
More Dangerous Than Dynamite

Source: The Internet Archive

Footage (silent) from Castle and Pathé coverage of the Hindenburg disaster at Lakehurst. Also shots of the big ships over New York. This movie is part of the collection: Prelinger Archives 

Hindenburg Explodes (1937)
The dirigible’s fabric was coated with both iron oxide and aluminum-impregnated cellulose acetate butyrate. It turns out that was a bad idea. Addison Bain noted succinctly, “I guess the moral of the story is, don’t paint your airship with rocket fuel.” Another less known fact about the Hindenburg is that it was a Nazi airship; if you look carefully you can see huge swastikas painted on the tail fins.  —Recommended by Franz Kraler

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