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The Strain Sprain Spring Sprang Thang

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masodo's musings

The new year brought with it a devastating storm that wrought havok in the Midwest U.S. Many in my area had to endure power outages that lasted for nearly a week as countless power lines were broken from falling tree limbs succumbing to the Blizzard of Twenty-Fourteen.

January 7, 2014

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We were fortunate at our homestead in that the worst of our damage was the TV antenna that went kabluey. This antenna and me go way back and I have been waiting for the day when mild weather and my weekend would align and allow me the opportunity to rescue this storm ravaged trooper.

April 13, 2014

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Yesterday (Saturday) was a beautiful day and I knew what I had to do. Up on the housetop with my  back-pocket for a tool caddy I began the procedure that would ultimately consume my afternoon.

With the project at ground level I could survey the damages and begin to formulate a plan for restoring the log periodic to this array. Ultimately I return once again to my 1/4 inch thick Plexi-Glass scrap [See BlogDogIt - Bridge Head Template] to fabricate the fix. A trip to the hardware store for the nuts and bolts and...

let the tinkerin' begin

Repair Detail

Total cost of repair: less than $10 - Result: Good as new!

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