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Spotlight Aim's To Change

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In The BlogDogIt Spotlight

Here on BlogDogIt the "Spotlight" topic has always been about sharing discoveries I've made while perusing the blog listings over on Technorati [see: Introducing The Spotlight]. Finding quality blogs to shine the spotlight on using this method is getting increasingly more difficult. While I will continue to go on these Techorati fishing excursions from time to time I have decided to modify my technique for finding worthy recipients of the BlogDogIt Spotlight "Honor."

So now, in order for a website to be eligible to be featured in the Spotlight Topic they must be discoverable by following links that begin from this web site. Of course they still have to have that "certain something" that appeals to me and compels me to want to share them with the world.

Throw The Dog A BoneIf you have not explored the previously featured websites in the Spotlight Topic area I encourage you to do so. I would never have featured them had they not shown the potential to be an outstanding, unique and impressive destination worthy of following. If you know of a blog or a website that you would like to see featured in the BlogDogIt Spotlight, add them to the link section here and they suddenly become eligible. I already have several sites in mind so the spotlight is about to get a lot more interesting.

I hope you enjoy this new phase of discovery on BlogDogIt.com - 'Bloggin It While Doggin It' - I know I will [smiley:;)]

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