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Not Yer Pappy's Capcha

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You Mean Cracha?

In the last couple of weeks the nogoodniks have taught their robot armies to defeat the Geeklog® Capcha system and as a result BlogDogIt has seen an explosion in new members. I hope that the robot's feelings were not hurt when I deleted their shiny metal asses.

::Ben over at Geeklog.fr wasted little time devising a foil for our Cracking Nemessi. He chose to utilize the slider control in place of the vision test to determine your humanity. Geeklog operators (V1.8.0 and up) will want to pick up Capcha plugin 3.5.2 from Geeklog.fr.

Smooth Operating Capcha

It will be interesting to see how long this little brain storm will hold the spammers at bay.

This device replaces all instances of the old-school Capcha around the site here. Please let us know if it causes you any problems (unless you are a robot in which case you can choke on it.) [smiley:;)]

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