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DVD Sleeves - Pretty As You Please!

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masodo's musings

A while back I was needing to create a bunch of DVDs for personal distribution and remembered seeing a "life-hack" that described a method for folding a single sheet of 8-1/2" X 11" paper to hold a CD or DVD disk. A well known search-engine presented the following link that gave step-by-step instructions with some great pictures illustrating the steps: Via SnapHow.com.

Easy as folding paper! That was several months ago...

Today I once again needed to make up some more of those handy-dandy paper sleeves and - as before - I was intending to add some custom graphics to to the project. I ended up spending nearly 30 minutes just tracking down my custom made template file (for positioning the layout) so I would not have to resort to "reinventing the wheel."

No doubt I will be needing this information again, so I have decided to post the template and a "refresher course" slide presentation right here on BlogDogIt. Next time I will know exactly where to look. I normally work in CorelDRAW for this sort of designing so I am posting a CDR(10) file, I am also offering in Illustrator5 AI  format and in TIFF and PDF for good measure. 

I hope you find this resource as helpful as I know I will!

~click on an image above to study~

Download a layout template to suit your needs:
DVD-SleeveTemplate10.cdr [ 13 KB ]
DVD-SleeveTemplate5.ai [ 3 KB ]
DVD-SleeveTemplate.tif [ 574 KB ]
[ 2 KB ]


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