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Dave Schmarder's - Make A Radio

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Crystal Radio

BlogDogIt Note: Before I was bitten by the computer bug I had quite the facination with radios - particularly crystal radios. I discovered Dave Schmarder several years ago as I searched the internet for sites relating to my all-but-forgotton hobby. Dave's website is a treasure trove of information and entertainment - a true labor of love. This article goes up as my way of thanking Dave for sharing his art with the world. Please visit his extensive website. ~ masodo

Crystal Radios

Crystal Radio

Remember that crystal set you made with your dad or grandpa? I remember my experiences to this day. In early 2002 the crystal set bit me again. This time I really got excited and started building one set right after another. I was going to stop when I built a couple of radios that would display well. But there was no way I was going to quit. So here I am at 78 radios and counting! I hope you find one that you would like to build. See what I have made to show you.


Tube Radios

Tube Radio

Soon after I started building crystal sets, the lousy summer band conditions convinced me that I should expand my activities in to active devices. Encouraged by my web visitors, I built a bunch of tube radios to experiment with. I didn't build regenerative radios when I was a kid, so this was new territory for me. I am pleased with the outcome and I hope you are too. So, I proudly present my tube radio main page.


Solid State Radios

Solid State Radio

Transistors? Bah humbug. But I've heard that they have become popular and more and more people have switched from tubes to transistors. So far there is only one radio, but I hope to add more. So please accept my meager attempt for now

Audio Amplifier

Tube Audio Amplifier

I love tube amplifiers. But as my solid state section, my amplifier section has only one example to show you. It is a nice small, low powered audio amp. Several others have built this design and are quite happy. So check out my amplifier section and encourage me to make more!

Loop Antennas

Loop Antennas

Loop antennas have been in my family since I was a little guy. I still have the big red loop that my dad built and that started my interest in these magical devices. I built some smaller loop antennas to connect to my old time radios to improve my reception. My loops are beautiful!


 Dave Schmarders Crystal Radio Sets

 Dave' s Own Crystal Radio Collection


On the verge of mental stability.

 Source: Dave's Homemade Crystal and Tube Radios at makearadio.com.

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