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Spotlight[Living]: Unhappy Dan

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BlogDogIt Note: I have been running into Unhappy Dan for several years now in my travels across the interwebs. I was very glad to run across him again on Technorati, in my search for another stellar blog to shine the BlogDogIt Spotlight upon. Unhappy Dan is primarily a vlogger (video blogger) whose YouTube channel known as SearchForHappy is chocked-full-o-goodness. He has also recently started a new channel called Geeky Inside. Pay a visit to poor ol' Unhappy Dan and he'll take you along for the ride as he travels through life, living the dream...
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People say I am mean, cruel, stubborn, etc. I say I am just Unhappy. This blog chronicles my being Unhappy and everything that comes with it. It includes to a Video blog of me and my family, useful links, and unique posts reviewing my daily experiences and point of view.


Today we go shopping for hobby supplies. We went looking for airbrush cleaner and some inks but we end up finding some nifty things along the way. We tried out Michaels and a Ben Franklin craft store and end up being pretty dissatisfied on their pricing for airbrush stuffs compared to DickBlic Online. Both stores had some pretty neat deals on other items but they don’t seem to be the place to go for your airbrush needs.

Source: UnhappyDan.com



Michaels Craft Store

Ben Franklin Crafts Store

Dick Blick Online

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