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Seamless Realities

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It has been a lot of fun (if not a bit like work) over on the Belgium Cyberspace-Archeological Dig Site. I am nearly through the websites beginning with the letter "A" and already feel as though I am getting familier with the Dutch internet scene of a decade ago (or there abouts.) I have been bookmarking as I go and intend to make those links available here on BlogDogIt. That should give the casual Cyberspace-Archeologist a taste of the sorts of artifacts that are to be discovered by the hard-core web-hound. It is a very time consuming project but I have been making a point to post links to highlight some of the goodies so as to show the dig is producing results. (Be sure to check the growing list of those links in the comments section of that story.)

Proving once again that masodo is Scouring the Globe to bring the BlogDogIt followers "Quality Content From A Bit Off The Beaten Path"®, I wanted to share a slide-show of the unique and curious works of the Canadian born artist Rob Gonsalves. I was treated to a very nice collection of his works when I visited Webcome to Achille's pages (in the site's section intitled "SEAMLESS PICS.") A further investigation of Gonsalves brought me to the Huckleberry Fine Art Gallery, Dealers in Limited Edition Giclées featuring the works of this very talented artist.

I am bringing you 21 images that caught my eye. (You may have seen some of these before.)


The Artwork of Rob Gonslaves

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"When The Lights Were Out" - Rob Gonsalves

"When The Lights Were Out" - Rob Gonsalves

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