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Testing Domino Magnification Theory

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Domino Magnification - J. M. J. van Leeuwen 
Abstract: The conditions are investigated under which a row of increasing dominoes is able to keep tumbling over. The analysis is restricted to the simplest case of frictionless dominoes that only can topple not slide. The model is scale invariant, i.e. dominoes and distance grow in size at a fixed rate, while keeping the aspect ratios of the dominoes constant. The maximal growth rate for which a domino effect exist is determined as a function of the mutual separation.

Dutch Science Quiz tests a theory — and nabs a world record in the process.

The Domino EffectHans Van Leeuwen of Leiden University in the Netherlands, published a paper online showing that, theoretically, dominoes could have a size ratio of up to 2:1. That's in an ideal (and probably unrealistic) situation. The team at the Dutch Science Quiz wanted to test the theory. So they built some really huge dominos (the largest is 26 feet high and weighs over 1000 pounds), the above video segment shows what happened.

Source story: physicsbuzz
Video Source: http://www.wetenschap24.nl/

De maximale vergrotingsfactor voor holle en massieve dominostenen is afhankelijk van de afstand tussen de stenen.


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