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Many Magnificent Marble Machines

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Today I paid a long overdue visit to one of my favorite spots on the internet: Woodgears.ca.


Woodgears.ca is a woodworking site like none other. Its' tagline reads: An engineer's approach to woodworking. Every time I visit Matthias Wandel's contribution to making the internet a worthwhile diversion (better known as his web site) I come away with an urge to dust off the workbench and put on my thinking cap. Today was no exception.

Marble machines are a perfect example of engineering and woodworking crossing into the realm of artistic beauty. The featured article was "Seven amazing marble machines by Paul Grundbacher." In this post Matthias shares picture sent to him by Paul Grundbacher (from Thurgau, Swizerland.) Paul's creations are as impressive as they are entertaining...

Marble Machine "Chaos" - 2009 Chaos 09

Paul: "This was my first try. I used a lot of ideas from [Matthias] (
Marble machine 2). I was very happy when I had it complete and working." [Click for Video]

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The New Marble Machine 2.1 by Matthias WandelMarble Machine 2

Marble machine 2.1 is a "new and improved" version of my old
marble machine 2 (video below)


Woodgears.ca has a whole section on marble machines (oh, what fun!) Please visit Woodgears.co but don't stop with the marble machines (although a fair amount of time should be spent investigating those threads.) The site is a rich wonderful onion with layer upon layer of fascinating creations and interesting commentary. I'll bet you bookmark it too!

Here's a couple of videos - Visit Woodgears.ca for more (and more!)

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