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I occasionally like to pop-in on Technorati.com to see how this blog is doing in the ratings. I know it isn't a contest but I would like to know if I am winning...

I decided to grab todays report for posterity and as a reference to those "authority" areas in which BlogDogIt.com is showing-up.

Perhaps some day I will discover what all these scores are actually trying to tell me but for now I am happy to take it to mean that in terms of life in the blogosphere, at least we have a pulse.


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Me and computers go way back. My high school had a computer and a class. I did not take the class but I did use the computer room as a location for an amateur film entitled - strangely enough - "The Computer." I could not tell you what type of computer it was other than to say it was a behemoth in blue and a punch card system. This was circa 1975. A time when pocket calculators had glowing red LED displays and PONG was just hitting the streets. The world of computing was strange and new. You could not really say that I was "into" computers but it would be fair to say "we hung out." I intend to post to this blog on a somewhat regular basis. For my part I will post about things that interest me and things that may interest a certain segment of the internet at large. I would also like to formerly extend the invitation for you dear reader to register for an access account and join the fun.


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