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Planet Buddha - Missing In Action

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-BlogDogIt Note -Planet Buddha

I was disappointed to discover PlanetBuddha.com is Error_404.

Planet Buddha was featured In The Spotlight here
and unfortunately now that article contains some dead links.

Hopefully it is only temporary...

UPDATE!! Find Them Now @ http://www.planetbuddha.blogspot.com/

From Planet Buddha Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/PlanetBuddha
February 19

Planet Buddha was sabotaged by someone last week, and we have been dislodged as a result from the usual website; we still are even as we speak, and have 0-percent search hits on Google at this time. He had taken off some of our contributors too, but we have recovered most of them except for two people. If you're one of them and see this, please know why you're not on our list, it was not the doing of the current admins.


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