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Spotlight[Technology]: The Man's Man

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In The Spotlight

A digital magazine for the "man's man". We scour the internet to find the manliest stuff around.

Who is this Man's Man??  First off, we are avid outdoorsmen.  If not in the office slaving away, you'll find us on our local rivers fly fishing, rafting, or hiking around in the mountains.  We are not professional bloggers (we actually get out into the outdoors).  That being said.....we aren't English majors either.  So please excuse any poor, grammatical hygiene. -more-
Thick Oak Wood Handlebars

Deer runner oak handle bars
Deer runner oak handle bar

These handlebars are handcrafted from 4 mm plied oak that has been oil treated for weather protection. Durable, light, and pretty damn good looking. 

Source: http://realmansman.com/

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