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Regular visitors may notice a few changes here. In case you hadn't noticed, allow me to highlight some of the latest changes and additions.

  • I have been tinkering with the configuration so that the user experience for anonymous users is limited as compared to logged in members. There are a lot of RSS Feeds available for members that are hidden from those non-logged-in visitors. Members will no longer see the advertisements and other selected content. Members will also have the ability to customize the content that is available. If you have an RSS feed that you would like to have available here please send me the URL and I will create a "block" just for you (and of course share it with the other members.)
  • Links have finally been categorized and Link Submission privileges have been afforded to all logged-in users. Will you please help grow this resource - sharing is caring!
  • StumbleUpon has been added to the "Social Media Bar" below each post. This will join the Facebook, Google, Technorati, Digg, Twitter, Reddit, MySpace and Del.icio.us options for sharing to your social media sites. If you would like to have any other share-links added you need only ask.
  • Item Rating functionality has been added to posts. You need not be logged in to rate an item but you only get one rate per IP address. I hope you will take the two seconds and rate a post before moving on to the next one. It'll be fun! Think of it as a Tip-of-the-Hat, Thumbs-up, Thumbs-down, Hello, whatever... this is the least that you can do to contribute to BlogDogIt - as always - ANY contribution to BlogDogIt is greatly appreciated.
  • All members of BlogDogIt that are also participants in the "Friends - Link Exchange" program have been granted the required permissions to contribute to "The Transom" and are hereby invited to contribute anything their heart desires to this open topic. Advertise your site... Plug your friends site... Create a links page... Have at it... You can even create content for members eyes only. If you need assistance in this area - I will be happy to help. Share and Enjoy!
  • Since the addition of the "K+Club" (the repository for all post garnering more than 1000 views) I have added the menu item "Top Stories" that lists the top 50 stories with less than 1024 views. The latest inductee will now be featured on the BlogDogIt front page (usually the bottom post since post are sorted by newest first.) This allows a post to earn its way back to the front page for one more "how-do-you-do."
  • The ever popular "In The Spotlight" topic has been given its' own RSS feed. The plan is to create an individual feed for each of the various topics. These feeds will be offered within the specific topic area. Coming soon!

So yeah, I've been having fun. I hope you enjoy your time spent on this site. Your visitation is much appreciated; your contributions... all the more so. As your reward, I vow to think of you all as I browse the interwebs and bring to your attention those bits I find particularly interesting. "Share and Enjoy!" that's my philosophy. Please Join Today!

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