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The Three Stooges - "Color Craziness" [PubDomCine]

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The Three Stooges - "Color Craziness"

Source: The Internet Archive

"The New Three Stooges" was produced in 1965. It featured the animated adventures of Moe, Larry, & Curly Joe. The cartoons were introduced by live-action inserts with the real Stooges. These inserts were some of the only Stooges material ever filmed in color, and they also feature long-time Stooge collaberator Emil Sitka. "The Three Stooges - Color Craziness" is an hour feature comprised of these rare color Stooge comedy bits. You'll see the Stooges as wacky chefs, clueless contractors, zany dentists, and many more. They feature Moe Howard, Larry Fine, & "Curly" Joe Derita.

Download in 512Kb MPEG4 format [228.3MB]

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