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Spotlight[Living]: LOCOMENTE

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LOCOMENTE  |  A Crazy mind Talking about.... its Life :) Thoughts :) Passion :) and all other blah blah blah under the Sun :)

When heaven blessed...

The Sun had set. Mother Earth was enveloped with darkness. Stars were not shining above like diamonds. Crescent Moon was hiding behind the clouds, as if playing hide and seek games with me. It was now I felt as if my vision was blurred. Then, I realized… It had started raining… Suddenly!
Gentle breeze was replaced by a little fiercer one. I moved a little away from the railings of the lobby in fifth floor. I closed my eyes and clutched my blue and black duppatta tight. I realized that the color of my salwar suite was no different from the bluish black evening.  As the chill breeze swayed past me, a gentle smile creaked on my face. I felt as if someone was caressing me; as if someone was pampering me.
The touch of breeze was very resonating. It reminded me of the loving touch of my mother… Her tender hug filled with lots of love! Suddenly, a few raindrops hit me as if was kissing me…
I was transported to a surreal World…A World free from worries and heartbreaks… A World where heartaches cannot be felt… I was smiling when I opened my eyes… I realized that a strange serenity had injected within me. The real World seemed pleasant as ever; as if someone had cast spell with magical wand.

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