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Hello Happy-Sad Ball

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"Blue Bird" Vintage Rubber Ball . . . . . . . . . . . . . Priceless

Blue Bird Ball

Funny the things we are capable of declaring precious.

Less than one week ago I posted the musing, "Is This My Rosebud?" wherein I pined over my long lost bipolar yellow ball from my childhood. Let me just say that you cannot imagine my reaction upon opening a Christmas gift from my sister and seeing this guy looking up at me from a tissue paper nest. Mind ==> Blown!

LMAO. My sister said that she read my post and thought, "I still have that ball in a box in the closet." But she did not tell me... she wanted to surprise me... nice one. Yep, pictured above is the genuine article. One of the first things I did - I admit - was to sniff in that familiar scent. Alas that petrochemical odor has long since vanished. So although I have been reunited with my long lost pal, it remains that the scent I had long associated with "smileyball" must persist only within the ether of my memories.

Thanks Sissy!

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