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Spotlight[Living]: Planet Buddha

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From Planet Buddha Facebook Page:
February 19

Planet Buddha was sabotaged by someone last week, and we have been dislodged as a result from the usual website; we still are even as we speak, and have 0-percent search hits on Google at this time. He had taken off some of our contributors too, but we have recovered most of them except for two people. If you're one of them and see this, please know why you're not on our list, it was not the doing of the current admins.

PLANET BUDDHAhttp://www.planetbuddha.com

Connoisseur Collections and Recollections of Occult Esoterica and Fringe Noumena. The blog was started January 2011, we current have several authors who specialize in various fringe subjects. Notwithstanding its name, it is not a religious blog, though religious topics do get covered. We so far make it a policy to not discuss politics or conspiracy theories. We keep the subject matter non-mainstream (it sounds paradoxical but there is such a thing as "mainstream fringe"), i.e., we could call it "abstract fringe."         Source: Technorati

Mayan Calendar - DIY
Does the "Mayan Calendar" baffle you? Are you still wondering what it is and how it could possibly predict the "end of time"?

Did you know that 17 Mayan Calendars were discovered? So, what makes this particular (T'Zolkin) calendar so important? And, what does it look like?

AZTEC Calendar
This is NOT the Mayan Calendar - It's the AZTEC Calendar.
When you hear the term "Mayan Calendar" - do you see the image to the left? This image is NOT the Mayan Calendar - it's the Aztec Calendar from centuries later than the post-classic Mayan era.

I've always been of the mindset that in order to REALLY learn about something, do the research.

Below you will find a series of Links - all informative and all regarding the Mayan culture, documented writings and lessons in the Julian, Gregorian and Mayan calendar systems.

This should keep you busy until the end of time, this coming Friday 12/21/12 at 12:21pm. *snicker* Have Fun and See you on the "Flip-side".

The Mayan Codices - 4 of them spared from Spanish Conquistador and Priest destruction - each stored in a different city's museum:

It's all about Time - Yes, other people besides Gomez, Martinez and Thompson worked on the T'zolken's "end date" by determining the beginning date of 3114 BCE. The Boehm Brothers made key discoveries in the mid-20th century.

Lessons in Mesoamerican Archaeoastronomy

DIY Training and Cycle Count

Source: PlanetBuddha.com


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