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Editorial - Sandy Hook

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I have always held the position that this blog should strive to avoid controversy and present a non-political, non-denominational face to the world. However, in light of the horrifying atrocity that has befallen our kindred in Mother Earth I feel the need to lift the vail and editorialize in this instance.

I have never been a gung-ho Facebook guy but I do use RSSGraffiti to keep my "time-line" busy with BlogDogIts and I am not without my "friends." Over this past weekend I was alerted to the following friend status messages and (against my better judgement) entered the fray. I have omited the comments of the others involved feeling that my statements stand on their own but you may infer the remarks to which I address.

Please understand that I am not reproducing these comments here to incite debate. I am posting simply because I think these qualify as masodo's musings and I do have the freedom to express my opinion so express I shall...

MotherShip - by masodo


Two days after the shooting, and the NRA has yet to issue a statement.

Certain things transcend politics. You are barking up the wrong tree.

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you are posting on facebook... are they in your friend list? Fighting for gun control at a time like this is simply reactionary. Even supporters of the NRA have deep hurtful reactions to the atrocity that precipitated your dialog.
Recent events have had zero impact on my stance on gun laws.
Can WE prevent such violence? This is a call for federal government to intercede on OUR behalf. The changes we need can only occur in the hearts of man. Empowering governments to control their populace flies in the face of our constitution and does nothing to aid the plight of people in the world outside of our borders. Empower the individual. Look for solutions that do not involve legislation - is THAT possible? I would look first to my own soul. I would make myself receptive to those who are hurting around me. I would recommend to all who love, love. Only good Karma will have any effect. Negative emotions serve only to divide.
It is precisely this magnitude of insanity that calls into question everyone's belief systems. To lash out against the NRA in the midst of a Nation in mourning is cruel and misguided. You do what you have to do but you are not converting souls today. Not with this. IMHO


Write your congressmen, and demand that they address gun control, I have.

 To reduce the horror of this atrocity to a discussion of hardware is to lose sight of the human cost. Many children have been killed wearing a uniform in the struggle to allow you to freely express your opinion. This is not about guns no matter how staunchly you wish that it were. It is about humanity. It is about the human condition. It is not as easy as weaker guns equal fewer deaths. This is a mighty big picture here [NAME] and I assure you I am not ignorant of your concern. Pleading to your congressman may make you think you are doing something. Like a typhoon needs another bucket of water. The time to be concerned with how your congressman behaves is in your polling place. The time to fight for tougher gun laws is before this sort of thing hits the news. If you truly care then never ever stop caring.
 I understand why you feel the answer is to limit gun ownership. Do you think that those people who stand behind the NRA do not do so thoughtfully? I hate to play the "Old Man" card but I tell you I have seen a lot of evil in my short time on this Earth and likewise I have seen very little that increasing legislation has ever done to reduce it. The world is a dangerous place. Governments have never done anything to make it safer other than when they make an effort to foster freedom. They don't call America the Home of the Brave for nothing. We have to put our trust in our fellow human beings, our peers. You say this is about guns. I say this is about morality. Do I push to legislate morality? Not on your life. Get government out of my life. Get politics out of this discussion and see where it goes. Take a chance on humanity. It's scary I know.
 I remember I cried when the Murrow Federal building was blown-up. I wept for us all. For a World that could contain such evil. A truck load of fertilizer turned a daycare center into a crater. I see you are a man on a mission but open your mind. Think of something else we can do. What if the plan to ban assault weapons and body armor goes bust what then?

Lets pretend you have fought that battle and lost. In reality many have preceeded you in that battle. Lest we forget. That does not mean it is not a worthy goal. I'm just saying It does nothing to address the real problem. The problem of how to feel safe and yet so powerless. How to trust a species so unworthy of trust. Why do you not see that by giving government increasing power you are building the greatest monster of them all. An assault weapon may have the power to do more incidental damage but governments have whole armies. Heaven forbid we lose control of them. Do you forget those planes and battleships, submarines and missiles belong to us? All I'm saying is this is bigger than who owns what and why. If only it were that simple. And don't say I'm doing nothing if I don't get on board your bandwagon. I DO plenty.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Bumper sticker enough for you?
We are approaching socialism and to many that is just as troublesome as dictatorship - further we must always be on the lookout for the next leadership scheme that has yet to be defined. If a single individual can loose so much evil do not think for a moment that a person in a position of power is worthy of unquestioned trust. Regardless of political stripe. I'm Just Say'n.
I have total trust in society and a healthy paranoia in my government. Nothing moot about this discussion. Sorry but I am living right where I want to be and will forever be mindful of how this is the greatest country on the planet because of freedom not because of it's laws. One bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch - but the events of Friday hurt us all to the core. Only because we DO care. Nite now [smiley::|]


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